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Adam S. Feinsilver, Esquire
New Media & Social Media Strategy for Tween / Teen Demographics • Talent Representation & Development • Legal Representation

Firm Overview

Adam S. Feinsilver is an attorney, marketing consultant (specializing in young audiences), executive producer, and talent manager. Mr. Feinsilver has been involved in the development of tech practices at several large and small law firms. Very few firms practicing tech law have practitioners with experience in computer technologies predating the launch of the first home PC. With decades of tech experience and market knowledge ranging from programming to audio and video production, website design, videogaming, tech gadgets for home consumers, and tech toys for children our firm has the unique ability to bridge the language barrier between your corporation's techies, marketing department, and corporate executives. We work as team players, getting involved in the excitement of your products and services, but understanding the importance of a stong bottom line.

We provide legal representation and business and product marketing consultation to general corporations; buyers and sellers of tech industry services and products; and entertainment industry artists and entities.

Mr. Feinsilver, a member of the Florida Bar and the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida, has been writing articles on variety of subjects ranging from copyright in cyberspace to marketing your technology for over 10 years.

Our Mission

Adam S. Feinsilver frst opened its doors in December, 1999 as a solo practice focusing on customer service. Through communication and working as a team player, we help our client's expand their presence in their industry. By working as a content producer in Los Angeles and select clients as a solo practitioner, Mr. Feinsilver is able to bring unique perspective, experience and attention to product manufacturers, entertainment producers, legal clients and talent.

The firm is dedicated to helping established corporations and start-ups set tomorrow's industry and consumer trends through tech products and services.

Techology Law We handle negotiations; outsourcing agreements; purchase and sale agreements for hardware and software; Internet and e-commerce contracts; IP registration and disputes; and other transactional corporate matters. Mr. Feinsilver has an extensive technical and entertainment background to draw upon for a solid understanding of the critical components that make up a contract specific to your situation, requirements, and industry.

Tapping into an extensive technical background in computer technologies (virtually unheard of among law firms), from audio to video production, DOS to Windows, AmigaOS, and MacOS, our firm assists businesses and individuals with Cyberlaw issues such as: Software Licensing; Domain Name Disputes; Outsourcing; Software Development Agreements, MLAs, SLAs, Purchase and Vendor Agreements; Co-location Agreements, Non-disclosures (NDAs, and Non-compete agreements (NCAs). Business contracts might not sound like fun to you, but they are to us! The firm also takes on intellectual property matters involving copyright, trademark, tradename, and servicemark registration as well as intellectual property licensing.

Product Marketing Consultation Today's emerging technologies need someone with an understanding of today's tech (geek) and pop culture. Whether marketing to adults, kids, or young children, tech companies often lack a true understanding of their actual and potential consumer base. Marketing firms often rely on street data, focus groups, and traditional marketing methods that fail to recognize changes in pop culture and tech-savvy consumers. We've seen products with millions of dollars in venture capital come and go without reaching their potential because of shortsighted marketing plans, slip-ups in public relations, minor device interface-flaws, and often an inability to grasp the culture of the intended consumer. Even large companies often assume their product will find its target. It's an unfortunate and often costly mistake.

Adam Feinsilver has extensive knowledge of the history and function of tech gadgets, ranging from computer platforms to videogame consoles and tech toys. He is actively involved in the tech community and can often foresee problems in emerging tech products before they reach the market. This kind of insight is an extremely rare, invaluable tool to a company hedging its quarter, future venture capital, or life on a new product.

Entertainment Mr. Feinsilver is actively involved in the entertainment industry. The firm can provide assistance in most Entertainment law matters including: contract negotiations and drafting; marketing strategy; copyright (including sample clearance); and licensing. Adam Feinsilver has operated an independent record label and worked as a music producer, writer, and performer.

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